Stick Side 3: Shots on Goal (Amy Aislin)


Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

„Shots on Goal“ is the third installment of Amy Aislin’s „Stick Side“ series and although each book could be read as a standalone I would highly recommend to read the books in order. Not only because so far I loved every book, but also because the cast of characters is the same and some things, like the friendship between Mitch and Cody or the problems other people have with Roman become much clearer with the knowledge of the former two books.
This third story is about overcoming personal issues and troubles from the past. It was really beautiful to witness how Cody as well as Roman give each other strength to overcome their respective fears and struggles. I really liked both characters and they really make a sweet couple with great chemistry. And I totally loved to be able to reconnect with the men from the former books ­čÖé
My only critic would be how Cody’s demisexuality is handled. It is mentioned, but it does not seem to play any role at all. I would think that it should at least cause a bit more conversations as something like this definitely has an impact on a relationship, especially in the beginning. But thats just my personal opinion and of course it does not lessen the reading fun ­čÖé


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A Christmas Cabin for two (KD Fisher)

51F77c8nVXLRating: 4 of 5 stars

„A Christmas Cabin for two“ was my second book from this author and I totally loved that we get a (very) little connection to her former book „Love on the Hudson“, but you don’t have to read that to fully enjoy this latest novel.
Matt and Mikah are both interesting and likeable characters and they make a great and believable couple ­čÖé The supportive cast is very well done, the focus is clearly on the value of family, which I really enjoyed. And the glimpses into italian traditions were very fascinating and put an unique flavor to the story.
The story itself was sweet, for my opinion perhaps a touch too much „insta love“ and a tiny bit superficial regarding the feelings and motivations of the two men.
But altogether, a really heartwarming, feel-good story without being overbearingly sweet. A perfect read for an cozy afternoon bringing a bit early Christmas spirit ­čÖé

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Golden Kingdom 2: The Dragon CEO’s Assistant (Jenn Burke)

51q8PwAt8fLRating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Ever after reading the „Not Dead Yet“ books I’ve been a big fan of author Jenn Burke and buying her latest books is a no brainer for me ­čÖé
This newest story is the second one in the „Golden Kingdom“ series and as I totally loved the first book, I was really looking forward to the story of Aidan and Nassim. And the author did definitely not dissapoint with this one. A great cast of main and supportive characters, a short reconnection with Eirian and Luca from the first book, a captivating mystery plot and a beautifully blossoming relationship really make a great mixture ­čÖé
My only, really minor, critique would be that I would have loved to read more about Aidan and Nassim as a couple, but that definitly does not take from the enjoyment of this novel and I’m really looking forward to the next book in this great paranormal series ­čÖé

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Love and Football 1: Under Pressure (Lauren Ashley)


Rating: 4 of 5 stars (rounded up)

I really enjoyed reading this sweet little romance.
Due to limited page count the development between Drew and Scott from strangers to lovers was rather quick and without many obstacles. Both characters are really interesting and likeable, but I would have loved for them to get a bit more depths and to have more couply time after starting their real relationship ­čÖé
However, I have to say the relationship never felt fake, even in the beginning the two men have an instant connection.
The ending came a bit abrupt, but nevertheless left me curious for the next book in series which seems to be Mateo’s story. I will definitley give it a try ­čÖé
Solid 3.5 stars, due to good editing and captivating and fluent writing style rounded up to 4 stars

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Love on the Hudson (KD Fisher)

41nRtfJQpJLRating: 4 of 5 stars

KD Fisher seems to be a relativley new author, I could only find one other book from her. That being said, while reading „Love on the Hudson“ I never had the feeling this was a work from a new(er) author. The writing style is fluent, the editing very good and the world and character descriptions really well done. Altogether an absolute pleasurable reading experience!
The story itself is classical second chance themed interwoven with quite some family issues and big struggling with coming out. This may not be new, but it is well done with a great cast of characters and mostly believable developments. I say mostly, because the second chance itself was a bit too quick and effortles for me, especially considering how much David was still suffering when he meets Nick again. A bit more groveling and discussions would have been appreciated ­čśë
I also did not totally like David’s character throughout the whole book. In some instances he had some real selfish and bitchy tendencies.
The thing I really enjoyed was that not all issues had a solution. Sometimes the HEAs in romances are so sweet and all-encompassing it is just plain unbelievable. But in real life not all problems can be solved and not all people are willing and or able to change. That does not make the HEA worse, just more realistic and, sometimes, hard won ­čÖé
I’m really curious if the author will visit this characters / world again as in the end there was a development between two side characters which would have great potential in my opinion. I would definitley enjoy to read such a follow-up ­čÖé

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Frozen Hearts 3: Arctic Heat (Annabeth Albert)

51ITwvol25LRating: 5 of 5 stars

With „Artic Heat“ we finally get the last installment of Anabeth Albert’s „Frozen Hearts“ trilogy. On the one hand I was really looking forward to this last book, especially after the small glimpse we got of ranger Quill in the second book (Artic Wild). But on the other hand I was also a bit sad that this really great series is over now.
Once again the author takes the reader to the unforgiving and sometimes dangerous, but nevertheless fascinating and beautiful Alskan wilderness. Owen and Quill are very different characters, but I found both very loveable and really cheered for them throughout the whole story.
I really enjoyed the dynamic and the chemistry between the two main characters and I also liked that they didn’t take the typical roles in the bedroom one might expect.
The story is once again a great mixture of quiet and sweet moments, some action and drama, a good dose of angst, scorching chemistry and interwoven in between the great and sometimes breathtaking descriptions of Alaska.
It’s always sad to say goodbye, but I’m also very curious where the author will take us readers next and I’m really looking forward to this next adventure ­čÖé


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Dine with me (Layla Reyne)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

So far, I really loved every book from author Layla Reyne and „Dine with me“ was no exception.
This book is something unique and very different to the normally more action laden books from this author, but it was written with the same love to detail and great characters as her „normal“ books.
The food and the shared love for it really was the main part of the book (so the reader should be at least a bit interested in something like this ­čśë ), but interwoven in the culinary journey was a personal kind of journey for both the main characters. And so we can witness not only a slowly and sweetly developing (despite some really sizzling chemistry) relationship between the two men, but also individual development for Clany as well as for Miller. There were funny as well as angsty moments, a really loveable supportive cast and, most important, an satisfying ending ­čÖé
I can’t wait for the next journey the author will take us on ­čÖé

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Fog City 1: Prince of Killers (Layla Reyne)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m a huge fan of author Layla Reyne and especially her Irish & Whiskey / Trouble Brewing series. Knowing her preference to write tightly interwoven trilogies I always tell myself to only start reading when all three books are published, so I don’t have to suffer through the cliffhangers. But always my curiosity wins and I’m diving right into the next adventure ­čÖé
So of course when Prince of Killers was released I had to start right away and couldn’t put my kindle down till the aforementioned cliffhanger. And now I’m waiting impatiently for the second part of this great new series ­čÖé
We once again have a fantastic cast of complex characters with great interactions, an interesting setting, a very slow burning romance and an engaging suspense part.
I highly recommend this book as long as you don’t mind cliffhangers ­čśë

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Frozen Hearts 2: Arctic Wild (Annabeth Albert)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first „Frozen Hearts“ book and was very looking forward to Toby’s story. Although the characters of the first book are mentioned one or two times and even make a short appearance, this book can easily be read as a standalone. In the first book we had a very rich and detailed description of Alaska, its nature and its inhabitants. This takes a much smaller part in the second book. So if you want to get the whole Alaskan experience and be able to truly delve into it and also to better understand the people and what moves them, than you definitley should read the books in order. If you are more interested in the relationship part of the story, you can just go ahead and treat it as a single story!
The romance between Reuben and Toby is very slowburning which is fitting for their circumstances and their respective personalities. I really enjoyed accompanying them on their journey from strangers to friends to lovers. Their struggles were realistic and comprehensible.
Annabeth Albert always writes great and complex characters and Reuben and Toby were no exception. I also really liked the character of Amelia and her development. I had some problems with Toby’s family, especially his dad, and I wasn’t really able to connect to them and to feel the love between them. This love was always mentioned, but the words and actions between the characters did not really show it for me.
But altogether I really enjoyed this story and couldn’t stop reading. And now I’m looking forward to the final installment which will be Quill’s story ­čÖé

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Dirty Games (Barbara Elsborg)


Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was only my second Barbara Elsborg book and I quite enjoyed reading the story of Linton and Thorne.
All the characters, main as well as supporting, are interesting and unique, the story is engaging and the writing style fluent. There is good chemistry between Linton and Thorne, which leads to great dialogues as well as hot scenes in the bedroom.
But for my opinion all the appearing characters were a bit too troubled. I love my stories angsty and the heroes broken, but in this book it was difficult to find any „normal“ acting adult person. Everybody has some kind of trauma, dysfunctional family or self issues. In the right amount all interesting story elements, but when it comes in such high amount it becomes a bit overwhelming and unbelievable.
Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting my kindle down. So I will definitley look into more books from this author ­čÖé

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