Men of Meadowfall 4: Two Alphas, One Omega (Anna Wineheart)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

As impossible as it seems, but this series just gets better and better. So far, I really loved every book from the „Men of Meadowfall“ and this last installement was no exception.
It is the first time we have a love triangle and although I was a little sceptic at first, the author did a great job to give every single men enough room to shine. She also manages it really well to describe the dynamic between the three men and also the problems such a constellation can cause.
This time, the author works with some very serious topics, as domestic violence, miscarriage and the loss of an beloved one. And although this book has quite some angsty moments and had my eyes in tears at some points, altogether it is a sweet, hopeful and heartwarming romance with three absolutely great and unique characters, some scorching hot encounters and an totally satisfying HEA.
I can’t wait for the next return to Meadowfall 🙂

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