Find You Out (Rachel Kane)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book „Lost with you“ (the story of Eli and Jack) in which Cam makes his first appearance. I did not like him then and was very curious if and how the author will be able to turn this character around to someone evoking compassion in the reader. Well, the author did an excellent job and managed to show the real Cam with all his flaws as well as strengths and now I totally like him 🙂 His love interest Alex has as many layers as Cam and it was really fascinating to witness how they slowly open up to each other and find their happiness in the end.
Mixed in this sometimes heartbreaking romance were some funny moments, quite some angst, a reunion with the characters from the first book and a touch of suspense.
I really enjoyed to accompany Alex and Cam on their very bumpy road to happiness and I’m totally looking forward to the next book from this author 🙂

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