Broken Bones (Deja Black)


Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, what a journey! Broken Bones was my first book from author Deja Black and I really enjoyed the read!
This book is not easy, not your average paranormal love story. It begins quite dark, one character, Dan, struggling with his experienced abuse and rape through his former boyfriend Keith. Dan seems timid, almost broken. But throughout the story he becomes so much stronger and reclaims his life and happiness. True, in parts his development seems a bit too extreme, but I think the author gives good reasons for it. On the other hand you have his in the beginning very strong and capable seeming counterpart Aiden who makes a similar extreme development, but in a different direction. I think, he just became what his true mate really needed, but I also understand that some readers may find it difficult to accept such strong changes in one’s personality and behavior. I loved reading about Aiden beeing a sandman, it was really refreshing to get a non standard paranormal creature 🙂
Despite the dark and heavy beginnig, the romance itself is almost sweet and I really enjoyed reading how the two men are building their relatinship 🙂
I also really enjoyed Dan’s family and friends, such a great cast of supportive characters! They bring the light into the dark story with Keith and are, in addition to Aiden, the main reason why Dan is able to fight the horrors of his past (figurativley and literally). I really hope the author will visit this world again very soon 🙂

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