Twisted Wishes 3: Reverb (Anna Zabo)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m a huge Anna Zabo fan and totally enjoyed her „Twisted Wishes“ series so far and this third installement definitley lived up to my high expectations.
In „Reverb“ finally Mish gets her HEA. I really enjoyed this character throughout the series and was very happy with her newly introduced partner David. Their story was a bit less sexy and kinky than the previous two, the main focus of attention in this one was on family and friendship. But of course there also was great chemistry and some very hot scenes nonetheless 🙂
And there was quite a big part about the problems with Mish’s stalker as well which was written really thrilling and very believable. The author does an absolutely great job to not only show the golden side of stardom but in every book in this series we also learn about different dark sides as well. This aspects give the stories and the characters so much more depths!
I totally loved to reconnect with all the other band mates from „Twisted Wishes“ and I really enjoyed to learn a bit more about Marcella. There could be an interesting story there *wink*

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