Talking Trouble (Barbara Elsborg)


Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first Barbara Elsborg book and as there are quite some of her books on my TBR I was very curious how I would like it.
I really enjoyed the story of Lysander, Flint and Molly. All three are interesting, individual characters and each one brings his / her own baggage. Only the last part of the story is really about building a triad and developing such a kind of relationship. The biggest part is for each of the three to start a journey of recovering from the past and overcoming their issues and how they help each other in accomplishing this.
The story is told from all three POV so its easy to connect with the characters and accompany them on their journey.
The cast of supportive characters is not big, but well written and interesting.
I did not like the subplot of Mollie’s „last secret“, it felt a bit forced for me. And in my opinion the last third of the book had a bit too much bed scenes, especially since there was almost nothing in the first part of the book. It sometimes felt almost like suddenly reading another story.
But these are just minor critics and altogether I really liked this book and I will definitley return to this author soon 🙂

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