Dirty Games (Barbara Elsborg)


Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was only my second Barbara Elsborg book and I quite enjoyed reading the story of Linton and Thorne.
All the characters, main as well as supporting, are interesting and unique, the story is engaging and the writing style fluent. There is good chemistry between Linton and Thorne, which leads to great dialogues as well as hot scenes in the bedroom.
But for my opinion all the appearing characters were a bit too troubled. I love my stories angsty and the heroes broken, but in this book it was difficult to find any „normal“ acting adult person. Everybody has some kind of trauma, dysfunctional family or self issues. In the right amount all interesting story elements, but when it comes in such high amount it becomes a bit overwhelming and unbelievable.
Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting my kindle down. So I will definitley look into more books from this author 🙂

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