Frozen Hearts 2: Arctic Wild (Annabeth Albert)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first „Frozen Hearts“ book and was very looking forward to Toby’s story. Although the characters of the first book are mentioned one or two times and even make a short appearance, this book can easily be read as a standalone. In the first book we had a very rich and detailed description of Alaska, its nature and its inhabitants. This takes a much smaller part in the second book. So if you want to get the whole Alaskan experience and be able to truly delve into it and also to better understand the people and what moves them, than you definitley should read the books in order. If you are more interested in the relationship part of the story, you can just go ahead and treat it as a single story!
The romance between Reuben and Toby is very slowburning which is fitting for their circumstances and their respective personalities. I really enjoyed accompanying them on their journey from strangers to friends to lovers. Their struggles were realistic and comprehensible.
Annabeth Albert always writes great and complex characters and Reuben and Toby were no exception. I also really liked the character of Amelia and her development. I had some problems with Toby’s family, especially his dad, and I wasn’t really able to connect to them and to feel the love between them. This love was always mentioned, but the words and actions between the characters did not really show it for me.
But altogether I really enjoyed this story and couldn’t stop reading. And now I’m looking forward to the final installment which will be Quill’s story 🙂

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