Fog City 1: Prince of Killers (Layla Reyne)


Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m a huge fan of author Layla Reyne and especially her Irish & Whiskey / Trouble Brewing series. Knowing her preference to write tightly interwoven trilogies I always tell myself to only start reading when all three books are published, so I don’t have to suffer through the cliffhangers. But always my curiosity wins and I’m diving right into the next adventure 🙂
So of course when Prince of Killers was released I had to start right away and couldn’t put my kindle down till the aforementioned cliffhanger. And now I’m waiting impatiently for the second part of this great new series 🙂
We once again have a fantastic cast of complex characters with great interactions, an interesting setting, a very slow burning romance and an engaging suspense part.
I highly recommend this book as long as you don’t mind cliffhangers 😉

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