Love on the Hudson (KD Fisher)

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KD Fisher seems to be a relativley new author, I could only find one other book from her. That being said, while reading „Love on the Hudson“ I never had the feeling this was a work from a new(er) author. The writing style is fluent, the editing very good and the world and character descriptions really well done. Altogether an absolute pleasurable reading experience!
The story itself is classical second chance themed interwoven with quite some family issues and big struggling with coming out. This may not be new, but it is well done with a great cast of characters and mostly believable developments. I say mostly, because the second chance itself was a bit too quick and effortles for me, especially considering how much David was still suffering when he meets Nick again. A bit more groveling and discussions would have been appreciated 😉
I also did not totally like David’s character throughout the whole book. In some instances he had some real selfish and bitchy tendencies.
The thing I really enjoyed was that not all issues had a solution. Sometimes the HEAs in romances are so sweet and all-encompassing it is just plain unbelievable. But in real life not all problems can be solved and not all people are willing and or able to change. That does not make the HEA worse, just more realistic and, sometimes, hard won 🙂
I’m really curious if the author will visit this characters / world again as in the end there was a development between two side characters which would have great potential in my opinion. I would definitley enjoy to read such a follow-up 🙂

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