Love and Football 1: Under Pressure (Lauren Ashley)


Rating: 4 of 5 stars (rounded up)

I really enjoyed reading this sweet little romance.
Due to limited page count the development between Drew and Scott from strangers to lovers was rather quick and without many obstacles. Both characters are really interesting and likeable, but I would have loved for them to get a bit more depths and to have more couply time after starting their real relationship 🙂
However, I have to say the relationship never felt fake, even in the beginning the two men have an instant connection.
The ending came a bit abrupt, but nevertheless left me curious for the next book in series which seems to be Mateo’s story. I will definitley give it a try 🙂
Solid 3.5 stars, due to good editing and captivating and fluent writing style rounded up to 4 stars

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