A Christmas Cabin for two (KD Fisher)

51F77c8nVXLRating: 4 of 5 stars

„A Christmas Cabin for two“ was my second book from this author and I totally loved that we get a (very) little connection to her former book „Love on the Hudson“, but you don’t have to read that to fully enjoy this latest novel.
Matt and Mikah are both interesting and likeable characters and they make a great and believable couple 🙂 The supportive cast is very well done, the focus is clearly on the value of family, which I really enjoyed. And the glimpses into italian traditions were very fascinating and put an unique flavor to the story.
The story itself was sweet, for my opinion perhaps a touch too much „insta love“ and a tiny bit superficial regarding the feelings and motivations of the two men.
But altogether, a really heartwarming, feel-good story without being overbearingly sweet. A perfect read for an cozy afternoon bringing a bit early Christmas spirit 🙂

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