Stick Side 3: Shots on Goal (Amy Aislin)


Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

„Shots on Goal“ is the third installment of Amy Aislin’s „Stick Side“ series and although each book could be read as a standalone I would highly recommend to read the books in order. Not only because so far I loved every book, but also because the cast of characters is the same and some things, like the friendship between Mitch and Cody or the problems other people have with Roman become much clearer with the knowledge of the former two books.
This third story is about overcoming personal issues and troubles from the past. It was really beautiful to witness how Cody as well as Roman give each other strength to overcome their respective fears and struggles. I really liked both characters and they really make a sweet couple with great chemistry. And I totally loved to be able to reconnect with the men from the former books 🙂
My only critic would be how Cody’s demisexuality is handled. It is mentioned, but it does not seem to play any role at all. I would think that it should at least cause a bit more conversations as something like this definitely has an impact on a relationship, especially in the beginning. But thats just my personal opinion and of course it does not lessen the reading fun 🙂


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